Volunteers Maintaining the Largest Public Dahlia Display Garden on the East Coast | Based at the Bayard Cutting Arboretum in Great River, NY

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2017 Show Winners

September 2-3, 2017

Bayard Cutting Arboretum, Great River, NY

Show Chairmen: Joe Bonomo, Lenny Nicolosi, Joe Laundrie

King of the Show & AA-SC AC Pillow Marge Schnerr
Queen of the Show & A-SC Vicki Marge Schnerr
Prince of the Show & B-IC Windhaven Highlight Donna Paternostro
Princess of the Show & BB-C AC MP Marge Schnerr
Duke of the Show & Min-ID Clearview Butterscotch Barbara LaRochelle
Duchess of the Show & MinBall Chimacum Troy Barry Oster
Flower of Show AC Abby Donna Paternostro
AA-FD Wanda's Aurora Joe Bonomo
AA-ID Zorro Doris & Jay Hexham
AA-C Hana Hitosuji Donna Paternostro
A-FD Hart's Blood Red Doris & Jay Hexham
A-ID AC Casper Barbara LaRochelle
A-LC Bloomquist John Barry Oster
B-FD Brian R Stephen Ruttkamp
B-ID April Dawn Stephen Ruttkamp
B-SC Hilltop Lost Treasure Barbara LaRochelle
B-C AC Abby Donna Paternostro
BB-FD Bloomquist Barbara Barry Oster
BB-ID Santa Claus Barbara LaRochelle
BB-SC Embrace Kathy Burke-Jim Teeple
BB-IC Parkland Rave Donna Paternostro
Min-FD Clearview Butterscotch Barbara LaRochelle
Min-ID Brookside J Cooley Lenny & Kris Nicolosi
Min-SC Mary Jo Marilyn Lonegran
Min-IC Crazy 4 Carol Tom & Lydia Cleere
3-AA-ID Hollhill Big Pink Joe Laundrie
3-A-ID AC Casper Stephen Ruttkamp
3-A-SC Mingus Wesley Stephen Ruttkamp
3-B-FD Brian R Stephen Ruttkamp
3-B-SC Hilltop Lost Treasure Barbara LaRochelle
3-BB-FD Chimacum Katie Stephen Ruttkamp
3-BB-IC Parkland Rave Donna Paternostro
Basket-AA AC Ben Stephen Ruttkamp
Basket-B Just Married Stephen Ruttkamp
Best Large Novice of Show Sparticus Elliot Miller
Best Medium Novice of Show Snoho Doris Elliot Miller
Best Small Novice of Show Verrone's Morning Star Elliot Miller
2017 New Introduction Clearview Cameron Kathy Burke-Jim Teeple
Old Timers Award Nita Donna Paternostro
Undisseminated Seedling Seedling-2016-030 Tom & Lydia Cleere
Largest Dahlia in Show AC Pillow Marge Schnerr
Ball Mary's Jomanda Marge Schnerr
Pompon Irish Glow Stephen Ruttkamp
Stellar Clearview Del Sol Donna Paternostro
Waterlily Pam Howden Joe Laundrie
Peony Jac's Kyle Marge Schnerr
Anemone Sandia Bill M Tom Preckwinkle
Collarette Alpen Cherub Kate Oheim&Bob Tobias
Single Lulu Island Mom Tom Preckwinkle
Mignon Single Lil Elva little Sweetie Tom Preckwinkle
Orchid Midnight Star Mike Kehl
Orchette Fancy Pants Joe Bonomo
Novelty Double Valley Porcupine Marge Schnerr
Novelty Open Austin's Bo Kate Oheim&Bob Tobias
3-Min-FD Clearview Butterscotch Barbara LaRochelle
3-Ball Clearveiw Daniel Stephen Ruttkamp
3-MiniBall Chimacum Troy Barry Oster
3-Pom Irish Miss Lenny & Kris Nicolosi
3-Stellar Bloomquist Pumpkin Tom & Lydia Cleere
3-Waterlily Pam Howden Marge Schnerr
3-Peony Jac's Kyle Marge Schnerr
3-Anemone Mexico Lenny & Kris Nicolosi
3-Single TLC Rapture Tom & Lydia Cleere
3-Mignon Single Rival Doris & Jay Hexham
3-Orchid Midnight Star Lenny & Kris Nicolosi
3-Novelty Double Hollyhill Bill M Tom & Lydia Cleere
Basket-Pom Tiny Lenny & Kris Nicolosi
Grand Slam Basket Mixed Blooms Stephen Ruttkamp